Gluten Free United Kingdom

Gluten Free United Kingdom

Travelling to the UK? Check out our gluten-free city guides and read about our travel experiences and eating gluten-free in the United Kingdom!

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Traveling Gluten Free: Useful Tips

To make your gluten-free travel experience smoother, I have compiled a list of fundamental English phrases to communicate your dietary requirements. Additionally, conducting thorough research before your trip is highly advantageous. Take the time to discover local restaurants that provide gluten-free options and familiarize yourself with regional dishes that are typically gluten-free. With the help of some basic phrases and advanced research, you will be well-prepared to navigate your dietary restrictions with ease while exploring new destinations.

Gluten-free UK: supermarkets & co.

There are several places to buy gluten-free ingredients, from local supermarkets to bigger chain stores and organic shops. Several stores have their own “free from” products in a dedicated gluten free product section.

  • Tesco – supermarket
  • Sainsbury’s – supermarket
  • Asda – supermarket
  • Morrisons – supermarket
  • Co-op – supermarket
  • SPAR – supermarket
  • Lidl – discount supermarket
  • Eurospin – discount supermarket

Gluten-free UK: English phrasebook

I have a disease called coeliac disease and I must absolutely avoid foods that contain gluten.
Even the smallest amount of gluten will make me very sick, so to avoid contamination, please do not use kitchen utensils, water or oil that may have come into contact with any of the products that I canʼt eat.
Does this food or sauce contain wheat flour?
What kind of grain is this food made from?
Can you help me choose a dish from the menu?
Is this meal safe?
Please do not add soy sauce.
Rice flour, cornflour, or potato starch are OK to use.
Thank you for your help and understanding.
AllowedNot allowed
corn starchbarley
rice noodlessemolina
guar gum flourbreadcrumbs
milletProducts containing these ingredients,
such as sauces, soups, mayonnaise.