Gluten-free in the Netherlands

Curious about our travel experiences and eating gluten-free in the Netherlands? Then read our gluten-free restaurant city guides!

Restaurant guides


Almost all people in the Netherlands speak English but if you’re worried about the language barrier, then make sure to take a Dutch Gluten Free Restaurant Card to make gluten free travel easier. I always recommend taking gluten free translation cards with you on your trip if you’re traveling with Celiac Disease. Down below you can also find some Dutch basics. The Dutch Coeliac Society is called Nederlandse Coeliake Vereniging – NCV.

Gluten-free in the Netherlands: supermarkets & co.

There are several places to buy gluten-free ingredients, from local supermarkets to bigger chain stores and organic shops. Several stores have their own “free from” products in a dedicated gluten free product section.

  • Albert Heijn – supermarket
  • Jumbo – supermarket
  • Plus – supermarket
  • Coop – supermarket
  • Dirk – supermarket
  • Deen – supermarket
  • Spar – supermarket
  • Lidl – discount supermarket
  • Aldi – discount supermarket
  • Holland & Barrett (formerly De Tuinen) – Health shop chain
  • Ekoplaza – Health shop chain

Gluten-free in the Netherlands: Dutch phrasebook

  • Gluten = Gluten
  • Glutenvrij = Gluten-free
  • Kan sporen van gluten bevatten = May contain traces of gluten
  • Tarwe / tarwebloem / (gemodificeerd) tarwezetmeel = Wheat / wheat flour / (modified) wheat starch
  • Rogge = Rye
  • Haver = Oats
  • Gerst / gerstmout / gerstmoutextract = Barley / barley malt / barley malt extract
  • Spelt = Spelt
  • Bulgur = Bulgur
  • Kamut = Kamut
  • Couscous = Couscous
  • Griesmeel = Semolina
  • Pasta = Pasta
  • Paneermeel = Breadcrumbs
  • Ik heb coeliakie (een voedselintolerantie) en moet daarom glutenvrij eten. = I have coeliac disease (a food intolerance) and must therefore follow a gluten-free diet.
  • Het eten van gluten kan leiden tot ernstige ziekteverschijnselen. = Eating gluten can result in serious reactions and symptoms.
  • Ik kan geen tarwe, rogge, haver, gerst, spelt en kamut of daarvan afgeleide producten eten, omdat daar gluten in zit. = I cannot eat wheat, rye, oats, barley, spelt or kamut or their derivatives, because they contain gluten.
  • Elk contact met glutenbevattende producten en granen dient daarom vermeden te worden. = Any contact with products containing gluten and grains should therefore be avoided.