Gluten-free in Spain

Food is very important in Spain, and many restaurants can accommodate a celiac diet. Traveling to Spain? Then read our gluten-free restaurant city guides where we’ve listed al our travel and gluten-free restaurant experiences. In my eyes, Spain is a gluten-free paradise. I haven’t had a lot of issues finding gluten-free food in restaurants or grocery stores.

Restaurant guides

Celiac disease is common in Europe, just like the United States. Many restaurants in Spain have the blue sticker of the Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations (FACE). If you see this, for example in restaurant windows, on signs, or menus, it’s a sign that a particular restaurant has been deemed safe for those with celiac disease.

Although people in Spain are quite familiar with the gluten-free diet, it’s wise to take a Spanish (and maybe a Catalan) Gluten Free Restaurant Card to make gluten free travel just a bit easier. Language barriers can be one of the biggest challenges when traveling – especially when you are following a gluten-free diet. 

Gluten-free chains in Spain


At any McDonald’s in Spain you can request a ”sin gluten”/“sense gluten“ burger, which is prepared separately and comes in a gluten free labeled box.

Gluten-free Spain: supermarkets & co.

There are lots of stores where you’ll find gluten-free ingredients, from local supermarkets to bigger chain stores and organic shops. Several stores have their own “free from” products in a dedicated gluten free product section. Certified gluten-free products will either have the FACE gluten-free logo or the EU gluten-free logo. Among other things I was able to purchase gluten-free pasta, baguettes, cookies, crackers and much more.

  • Eroski – hypermarket
  • Carrefour – hypermarket
  • E.Leclerc – supermarket
  • Spar – supermarket
  • El Corte Ingles – supermarket
  • Mercadona – supermarket
  • Lidl / Aldi – discount supermarket

Spanish phrasebook

  • Gluten = Gluten
  • Sin gluten = Gluten free
  • Soy celiaco (m), soy celiaca (f) = I am coeliac
  • No puedo comer gluten / harina de trigo = I can’t eat gluten / wheat flour
  • Intolerancia = Intolerance
  • Alergia = Allergy
  • Puede contener trazas de … = May contain traces of …
  • Trigo / Almidón de trigo = Wheat / wheat starch
  • Cebada = Barley
  • Avena = Oats
  • Centeno = Rye
  • Salsa de soja = Soy sauce
  • Pan = Bread
  • Rebozado = Breaded
  • ¿Este plato tiene harina, pan o migas de pan? = Does this dish contain flour, bread or breadcrumbs?
  • Tiene harina de trigo? = Does this have wheat flour?
  • Lleva harina? = Does it have flour?)
  • ¿Está rebozado? = Is it coated in breadcrumbs?
  • Se han frito en el mismo aceite otros alimentos que puedan contener gluten? = Have this been fried in the same oil as other food that may have gluten?
  • ¿Podria tener mucho cuidado en la cocina y alejar mi plato de pan y productos con gluten? = Could you please take great care in the kitchen to keep my plate/dish away from products containing gluten?

Catalan Phrasebook

  • Gluten = Gluten
  • Sense gluten = Gluten free
  • Soc celíac = I’m celiac
  • Blat / Farina de blat = Wheat / wheat flour
  • Sóc celíac i he de seguir una dieta sense gluten = I’m coeliac and must follow a gluten-free diet
  • ¿Aquest menjar conté blat, sègol, ordi o civada? = Does this dish contain wheat, rye, barley, or oats?