Gluten-free in Germany

Curious about our travel experiences and eating gluten-free in Germany? Then read our gluten-free restaurant city guides!


While a lot of people in Germany speak English, I would absolutely recommend travelling with a German Gluten Free Restaurant Card to make gluten free travel easier. Down below you can also find some German basics.

Supermarkets & co.

There are several places to buy gluten-free ingredients, from local supermarkets to bigger chain stores and organic shops. Several stores have their own “free from” products in a dedicated gluten free product section.

  • Edeka – supermarket
  • Rewe – supermarket
  • Spar – supermarket
  • Kaufland – supermarket
  • Lidl / Aldi – discount supermarket
  • Real – hypermarket
  • DM Drogerie – drugstore chain
  • Reformhaus – General word for a health (food) store
  • Bioladen/ Biomarkt – Organic Store / Organic (Super)Market

German basics

  • Gluten (gluten)
  • Kann Spuren von Gluten enthalten (may contain traces of gluten)
  • Weizen / Weizenstärke (wheat / wheat flour)
  • Weizeneiweiß (wheat protein)
  • Weizenkleber (wheat glue)
  • Roggen (rye)
  • Hafer (oat)
  • Gerste / Gerstenmalz / Gerstenmalzextrakt (barley / barley malt / barley malt extract)
  • Dinkel (spelt)
  • Grünkern (unripe spelt grain)
  • Bulgur (bulgur)
  • Einkorn (einkorn)
  • Kamut (kamut)
  • Couscous (couscous)
  • Grieß (semolina)
  • Nudeln (pasta)
  • Paniermehl (breadcrumbs)

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