• Olive & Sun-dried tomato bread rolls

    July 12, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    These sun-dried tomato and olive rolls are just delicious on their own. Perfect with soups and salads or alongside the main course. These rolls are lightly crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked bread. For this recipe I used Schär Bread Mix…

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  • Classic apple pie

    May 29, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    A classic apple pie recipe made completely from scratch. It’s buttery, flaky, easy to make, and perfect for any time of the year. Great to serve with coffee or tea, or as a dessert. This gluten-free apple pie is so good, you’ll want to serve it to all your guests — not just those avoiding…

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  • Asparagus Stromboli with mozzarella and ham

    May 23, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Delicious gluten-free asparagus Stromboli with mozzarella and ham. This asparagus Stromboli looks so impressive but it’s easy to make at home! Stromboli is a type of turnover bread filled with various cheeses, cold cuts or vegetables. The dough is like Italian bread dough or pizza dough.  Did you know that Stromboli was invented by Italian-Americans…

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  • Braided pesto bread

    May 7, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Quick, easy, and so delicious! Nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked bread. This braided pesto bread recipe is so good and it looks impressive too. In the recipe I used a curry-date pesto but you can use any homemade or store-bought pesto you like. Serve with soups, stews, toasted with butter or…

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  • Raspberry cake

    May 1, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Super delicious gluten-free raspberry cake, a great way of using up pick-your-own raspberries when in-season but frozen raspberries works just as fine. Serve with some cream, whipped cream or ice cream. This raspberry cake makes a fabulous dessert but is also great for afternoon tea. For this recipe I used Schär Pâtisserie Mix C but…

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  • Sweet milk bread rolls (German Einback)

    April 23, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    These sweet milk bread rolls are made of a milk-heavy dough, split into multiple pieces and then baked together in a loaf pan or on a baking tray. These sweet milk bread rolls are called “Einback” and are very popular in Germany,  where you can buy it in many bakeries. It is soft inside and…

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  • Cinnamon raisin bread

    April 17, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Delicious soft and tender gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread. This gluten-free cinnamon raisin bread recipe is just great. It’s easy to make and not too sweet. Perfect for toasting or as a base for French Toast. Or simply serve with some butter or old cheese. For this recipe I used Schär Bread Mix B but you…

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  • Cinnamon roll cookies

    April 11, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Homemade cinnamon roll cookies are so delicious and taste like a cookie version of cinnamon rolls! They’re soft in the center and have slightly crisp edges. For this recipe I used Schär Mix C Pâtisserie but you could also use another similar gluten-free flour blend. If you’ve made these gluten-free cinnamon roll cookies, let us…

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  • Gluten-free burger buns

    March 27, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    Homemade gluten-free burger buns are simple to make and just taste so much better then store-bought buns. These buns are super soft and fluffy and are topped with sesame or sunflower seeds. These gluten-free burger buns are super easy to prepare with only a few ingredients. For this recipe I used Schär Bread Mix B…

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  • Marzipan stuffed cookies (Dutch Gevulde koeken)

    March 20, 2021Gluten-free Kitchen

    These marzipan stuffed cookies are made of dough and butter with a sweet filling. Almond paste or marzipan is the most common filling. The cookie has a diameter of about 10 cm and typically has a half an almond on top. It is a typical Dutch bakery item and the cookie is served with coffee,…

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