Gluten Free Aachen, Germany: A Complete Guide

Gluten Free Aachen

Aachen is the westernmost city in Germany, located near the borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. It is located in a former coal-mining area. Besides, as a spa city, Aachen has the right to name itself “Bad Aachen”.

One of the most known sights of the city is the Aachen Cathedral (German: Aachener Dom), a Roman Catholic church and one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe. The Aachen Cathedral Treasury (German: Aachener Domschatzkammer) is a museum of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen which houses one of the most important collections of medieval church artworks in Europe.

The Aachen City Hall (German: Aachen Rathaus) dates from 1330 and lies between two central squares, the Markt (marketplace) and the Katschhof (between city hall and cathedral). 

The Grashaus, a late medieval house at the Fischmarkt, is one of the oldest non-religious buildings in central Aachen. It hosted the city archive, and before that, the Grashaus was the city hall until the present building took over this function.

The Elisenbrunnen is one of the most famous sights of Aachen. It is a neo-classical hall covering one of the city’s famous fountains. It is just a minute away from the cathedral. Just a few steps in a south-easterly direction lies the 19th-century theatre.

From Aachen it’s a 40 km drive to Maastricht. This beautiful city in the south of the Netherlands is definitely worth a visit. Read my gluten-free guide about Maastricht.

Besides, from Aachen it’s also only a short drive, about 10 km, to Vijlen, the Netherlands and the surrounding Three-Border-Region at Vaals. Great for a day-trip right? Read my gluten-free guide about Vijlen.



Café hase

Café hase focuses on high quality and regional products where possible. The cafe offers lots of breakfast options (gluten-free bread is always on stock) as well as a few lunch options. Café hase always has some vegan and gluten-free options on their menu. Besides, some of their homemade cakes are baked only with natural sweeteners such as maple syrup or coconut sugar.

I visited the cafe during lunch tie so I chose for the “Hasen Bowl” which included potatoes with rosemary, white cabbage with yogurt dressing and a mixed salad.

For the sweet tooth I also tried the almond lemon cake which was sticky but firm and very tasty.

You will find Café hase on Triebels Str. nº21, Aachen, Germany.

Isabella glutenfreie Pâtisserie (100% gluten-free)

In July 2015, Isabella opened the first completely gluten-free patisserie in Düsseldorf. Isabella herself is affected by celiac disease, is enthusiastic about culinary delights and, after being diagnosed, could not really get used to the gluten-free baked goods available. That is why the hobby baker experimented and continued her education until she finally became self-employed in 2014.

Isabella Patisserie has charm with its tasteful interior, the friendly service and attention to detail to create a feel-good atmosphere at the café. The refined delicacies are not only a delight on the palate but are also an absolute highlight to the eye. Almost all coeliac sufferers know that it is something very special when you can choose from all products in a café or restaurant.

I came across Isabella glutenfreie Pâtisserie and decided to take a Vanilla cherry crumble tartlet and Pistachio macaroon for later during the day.

  • Vanilla cherry crumble: the crumble on top tasted nice with a touch of vanilla. The cherry gave a nice sweet flavor and the cake was not too dry.
  • Pistachio macaroon: a macaroon is a sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, sugar, almond meal, and food colouring. I tried the pistachio flavoured one, which was an absolute delight.
Isabella glutenfreie Pâtisserie in Aachen, Germay

Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie is a chain and is located in Aachen, Düsseldorf (Oberkassel & Königsallee/Kö-Galerie), Hamburg, Cologne and Stuttgart.

Aachen: You will find Isabella Glutenfreie Pâtisserie on Münsterplatz nº13, Aachen, Germany.


I cannot guarantee that all restaurants and stores listed above are 100% free of gluten. Always check with the restaurant for cross-contamination and whether there is an understanding for celiac disease sufferers.


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