Gluten Free Málaga, Spain: A Complete Guide

Gluten Free Málaga

With the people from Málaga also called “boquerones” (meaning anchovies) one thing is for sure, the “Malagueños” love their food. From anchovies in vinegar to deep fried aubergine, it’s all on their menu. Málaga is a beautiful city on Spain’s Costa del Sol.  The city, located in the province of Andalusia, is one of the oldest cities in the world, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and nestled between the Mediterranean and the Montes de Malaga mountains.

Málaga sin gluten

The city council and Spanish celiac association have an initiative called Malaga Sin Gluten. With more and more bars and restaurants joining the initiative it is fairly easy to eat out gluten-free in Málaga, Spain. Waiting staff and chefs have knowledge about what eating gluten free actually means. In this article we have listed some of our top picks for where to eat gluten free in Malaga. Also we have stated whether they are a member of Málaga sin gluten or not.




Casa Juan is located in Huelin and offers a great quality of products. The area of Huelin is known for its good fish and seafood. The atmosphere is good and the service very friendly. The waiter showed me the kitchen and its gluten-free areas. It’s always good to see that the gluten-free diet is taken serious. Therefore the sight of seeing two grills, two deep-fryers and two microwaves (for gluten and without gluten) made me instantly happy and hungry.

At Casa Juan you will find all kinds of fish and seafood from la Bahía de Málaga (the bay of Malaga). The calamares and boquerones were super fresh and tasty, so make sure to try them! Next to the fish we had some small sides including pimientos asados (roasted peppers), olives and piquitos (bread-sticks). The menu is broad and the tasty deep-fried fish is coated in a batter of rice , potato and chickpea flour. Next to fried fish there is a broad choice of fresh fish, seafood and scallops. Order a gluten-free San Miguel or Mahou beer next to it and lunch or dinner can’t be more enjoyable. The Restaurant is located about 4 km from Malaga’s city centre and located between the beaches of San Andrés and Misericordia. The beach of Huelin is just a stroll away.

You will find CASA JUAN on Calle Del Río Rocia nº18, Málaga, Spain. CASA JUAN is an official member of the Málaga sin gluten network. 


Noviembre is a hip restaurant with mismatched and wooden look furniture. Restaurand Noviembre has a separate gluten-free menu with lots of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options. The menu offers fresh and healthy meals prepared with natural, ecological and organic products. All meals are prepared with the highest quality products without using artificial colours or aromas. During our visits I tried the hamburger LUCCA. This juicy burger with gluten-free bun, ecological beef, mozzarella, avocado, lettuce and pesto mayonnaise is definitely worth a try. Not in the mood for burgers? No problem, there is also a broad variety of salads, sandwiches and gluten-free pasta.

You will find Noviembre on Calle Álamos nº18, Málaga, Spain. Noviembre is an official member of the Málaga sin gluten network.


Restaurante vegetariano Cañadú is located at Plaza de la Merced. This vegetarian restaurant offers traditional cuisine with creative and local influences from the best organic produce in the area. Its extensive menu includes soups, salads, pastas, rice, home-made desserts and vegan dishes, as well as organic wines. This restaurant is great for celiacs. During our visits I tried the risotto with wild asparagus, goat cheese and mushrooms.

You will find Restaurante vegetariano Cañadú on Plaza de la Merced nº21, Málaga, Spain. Cañadú is an official member of the Málaga sin gluten network.

La Plaza

La Plaza has two restaurants in the city centre of Malaga . You will find the first one close to the Roman amphitheatre and the Alcazaba. The other restaurant is located at the Plaza de La Merced, just a few steps from Pablo Picasso’s birthplace. We have visited La Plaza at Plaza de La Merced multiple times cause of its good atmosphere and sunny terrace.

You will find La Plaza on Plaza de la Merced nº18 and Calle Alcazabilla nº7, Málaga, Spain. La Plaza is not an official member of the Málaga sin gluten network.


YUMMY heladería

Yummy Helados, Málaga

Close to the Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga you will find YUMMY heladería. A gluten-free and vegan ice cream store. During our stay in Málaga we visited this ice cream shop multiple times. The offer varies but there are always about 30 flavours to choose from. We have tried many delicious flavours, among other things, mango, lemon, forest fruits, coconut, pistachio, Oreo, strawberry cheesecake, snickers and stracciatella.

You will find YUMMY heladería on Calle Molina Lario nº6, Málaga, Spain. YUMMY heladería is an official member of the Málaga sin gluten network.

Market & supermarkets

Mercado Atarazanas

It is a bit of a tourist attraction, nevertheless locals still come around for their daily shopping. This bustling market has a great offer of fish, meat, cheese, olives and fruit and vegetables. The original Moorish entrance once connected the city with the port. The archway is the only piece to survive from the original 14th-century seven-arched structure. Make sure to also have a look at the beautiful stained-glass window on the rear façade of the market hall.

You will find the Atarazanas Market on Calle Atarazanas nº10, Málaga, Spain.


Malaga wine

Malaga wine is a sweet fortified dessert wine made from Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes. Having said that there are also many red and white varietals grown. Classically they come in three distinctions: Malaga (mostly sweet white wines), Sierra de Malaga (white, rose and red wines) and Pasas de Malaga (raisins). The wine-making history in Malaga and the nearby mountains is one of the oldest in Europe.

Tinto de Verano

Tinto de verano is a cold, wine-based drink and slightly similar to sangria. It is normally made up of one part of red wine and one part gaseosa (general term for sodas and carbonated drinks), mostly La Casera. The drink is served over ice usually with a slice of lemon or orange. Here’s a recipe of our version of Tinto de Verano!


At most bars and restaurants in Malaga you will find gluten-free beer on the menu. Among other things we found gluten-free San Miguel, Mahou and Cruzcampo. Previous three beers are produced in Spain and therefore quite affordable as well. 


I cannot guarantee that all restaurants and stores listed above are 100% free of gluten. Always check with the restaurant for cross-contamination and whether there is an understanding for celiac disease sufferers.


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